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10 Reasons A Lawyer Won't Shop Your Demo

10 Reasons A Lawyer Won't Shop Your Demo By Mita Carriman Esq from the Carriman Law Group PLLC. As a music lawyer, one of the most frequent services that artists contact me about is for demo shopping -and for obvious reasons. Nothing can help an artist better than a co-sign from someone in the industry. Ideally it should come from a top, prominent artist or producer in the industry, but if you haven't been able to finagle that, then perhaps seeking a music lawyer to help make the right intros for you and shop your demo could be the next best thing. That said, most music lawyers (myself...
Source: Get valuable insight from a music lawyer, on how to properly approach a music lawyer, to help shop your demos. For instance did you know that music lawyers prefer to receive streaming audio instead of mp3 attachments?  Also to pull a quote from the article "If your music sounds good, but you have too many obvious uncleared samples, then you're essentially asking the lawyer to shop a legal issue to their contacts." Click through to the original article for the full rundown of dos and dont's.  

Doing Two Things? That’s One Too Many.

If you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, the only way you're going to achieve that is by focusing on one thing and doing it better than anyone else.



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We've all seen those profiles on Twitter that are a mile long with a list of their professions. "I'm a rapper | producer | dancer | actor | graphic designer | babysitter | astronaut."

To pull a quote from the article "The only way to be successful is by figuring out what you’re best at and focusing on just that. It’s true for each and every one of us and every company no matter how big it is."

So the million dollar question is, "What are you best at?" Don't be Jack of all trades, master of none.


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